IKEA opens its first parisian store

Clémence Thommen

Clémence Thommen

Head of Marketing & Communication
6th May 2019

The new IKEA store opened this morning in Paris. Discover our community’s opinions and pictures. Overall rating: 4,3/5.

“The opened-kitchen is visible from the restaurant. Touchscreens are available to shoppers so they don’t necessarily have to call on a seller. Microphone animation. Support service for projects. Beautiful store which is obviously at everyone’s taste given the number of visitors.” Béatrice (36 years old)

“The store is very busy, the area is dense but large enough to allow moves. The whole space is not particularly noisy despite the crowd. Nevertheless, there is a lack of clarity regarding space organization and signages. There are some narrow and cluttered paths.” Arthur (22 years old)

Here are some images from this 5 400 m2 store.

Services to sell more than the product.

A different offer and an innovative layout.

4 workshops organised each week in the store

A restaurant: 150 seats

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