Optimise your processes with the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies.

A turnkey tool: collect & analyze

  • Target stores and references

    We carry out the questionnaires in the stores and departments of your choice, for 100% relevant results.

  • Our algorithms work for you

    We collect information through our community and analyze the shelves using our Computer Vision algorithms.

  • Capitalize on your KPIs

    Benefit from clear and precise KPIs, for 100% actionable results.

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Since 14th October 2021, Mobeye has joined the Dutch Roamler Group. We invite you to visit the Roamler website to find our solutions and latest content. If you have any questions, please contact us at marketing@roamler.com


Depuis le 14 octobre 2021, Mobeye a rejoint le groupe néerlandais Roamler.
Nous vous invitons désormais à vous rendre sur le site web Roamler afin de retrouver
nos solutions et nos derniers contenus.

Nous sommes disponibles à l'adresse suivante pour toute question : marketing@roamler.com