How does Sodilac has verified the referencing and presence of its range of products thanks to a Mobeye study?

Laboratoire Modilac is specialized in infant nutrition. The Laboratoire Modilac brand is sold in pharmacies and supermarkets.

For more than 50 years, the company has been actively contributing to the evolution of infant nutrition and the development of highly innovative, high-quality formulas, always keeping the composition of breast milk as a reference.


To check the referencing of the Sodilac range:

● the presence
● the absence
● OOS (out-of-stock)


Rapidity of visits

Comparaison of several waves to follow the evolution

● Photos
for each point of sale


Optimize the field strategy

● Implement corrective actions
in points of sale where references are not present.

Cédric Bénard,
Supermarkets and hypermarkets Director @Laboratoire Modilac

"Reliability, speed of campaign implementation, real-time visibility through photos."

Benefit from real-time insights across all your distribution networks.
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