CLUSE is a watch and jewellery brand that has established itself in the watch market. Its quick development has encouraged the brand to establish itself in many countries. Originally from Amsterdam, the brand is now present in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and various other countries.
This internationalisation has brought to the forefront a problem of visual merchandising: how to keep an eye on the shop windows and guarantee good store execution in different countries? CLUSE therefore called on Mobeye to carry out a follow-up study of its shop windows abroad, with a specific look at France and Germany.

CLUSE wanted to check various elements concerning the display of its watches in the shop, such as the presence of the brand in the window, its visibility inside the shop, its location in the point of sale, its height of installation, etc.


220 points of sale visited (120 in France and 100 in Germany).

Photos: a clear view of the entire store park.

Comparison & analysis of visual merchandising in different countries.

Acquisition of insights for future team briefs.


Thanks to the various waves that CLUSE has realised, it has been able to:

Optimize its merchandising strategy by carrying out a complete inventory of the shops.

●Adapt its teams' briefs
thanks to insights from the field study.

● Set up corrective actions in store
to guarantee the correct execution of its products in the store.

Birke Human,
Sales Manager @CLUSE

"Mobeye allows us to see the presentation of our shop windows abroad. Quick & easy, I recommend”

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