What is the potential of branded fridges in-store?

Céline Laurent

Céline Laurent

Marketing Consultant
19th July 2019

In order to get more visibility and respond to shoppers’ expectations who want to cool off during this summer season, numerous brands are setting up branded fridges in-store.

To have a better understanding of this phenomenon, we asked our investigators to do some fridges hunting in 4 specific zones in-store: snacking, ice cream, drinks and cash desks. It was a success since we have found more than 1 000 branded fridges for 200 representative hypermarkets checked!


First insight: 90% of hypermarkets have at least one branded fridge.

This number can rise up to 96% for retailers whereas more independants seem to boycott branded fridges (there is no fridge in 27% of Leclerc stores and in 20% of Intermarché Hypermarkets).

When POS are supportive to fridges, we can count in average 6 fridges per store. ¾ of them are settled in the drink zone or nearby cash desks. Géant Casino is the retailer with the greatest number of fridges: 10 per store in average, and up to 28 fridges found in a Géant Casino store in Montpellier (France).


Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is far ahead regarding fridges installation in-store with more than 400 branded fridges: 270 for Coca-Cola brand, 70 for Fuze Tea, 60 for Monster Energy and few fridges for Powerade and Honest. The group is thus present in 76% of the visited hypermarkets with on average 3 fridges.

Regarding Beers, the Heineken group is ahead of its competitors by being present in ¼ of stores. This performance is partly due to the installation of specific fridges for its beer keg.

Regarding the Ice Cream category, Unilever takes the lead thanks to its Ben&Jerry’s fridges to promote Kinder’s ice creams, launched in summer 2018 in partnership with Ferrero.


Setting up branded fridges in-store to promote its brand is the first step but the challenge is to make sure that the fridge stays filled with the brand’s product only.

In average, we found out that 8 fridges out of 10 were filled out correctly. However, 14% were half filled and 7% were almost empty! The lowest performers are the Orangina Suntory group and AB Inbev with more than 14% almost empty fridges.

Groups are successful in defending their fridges as 95% of the fridges only contained brands’ products of the group. We still have identified about 40 fridges with infiltrated competitors.

Frigos brandés RedBull en magasin

You want to check the right in-store execution of your fridges or you want to know your fridge share? For more information, please contact us.

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