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Which displays were the most appreciated by shoppers in June 2019?

Clémence Thommen

Clémence Thommen

Head of Marketing & Communication
8th July 2019

Let’s look at the most impressive displays seen-in-store in June 2019.

🏙️ Street-marketing

Summer is here and brands are taking advantage of the sunny weather to showcase their products outside the store, such as...

Mamie Nova: on the forecourt of Saint Lazare’s station in Paris, the brand has offered original tastings through a Blind Taste, a Screen Printing workshop to create an arty tote bag and a Fruitomaton.

L'Or Espresso: the brand has showcased its products through coffee tastings in front of a Monoprix store in Lyon.

PLV Mamie Nova Juin 2019

Saint-Lazare, Paris (France)

PLV L'Or Juin 2019

Monoprix, Lyon 1st arrondissement (France)

🤖 In-store robots?

The brand Herta is welcoming Pepper, a small 4 feet tall humanoid robot. The goal is to create an animation to welcome and entertain shoppers of all ages during their shopping session.

Robot Herta Pepper
Robot Herta Pepper

🚚 The truck : a key POS display!

The truck is used by brands for all opportunities: game contests, product's showcases, refrigerated displays... This POS display remains a key animation which has always been an effective way to attract shoppers.


Chaussée aux Moines' cheese,
Hellmann's mayonnaises & ketchups,
Florette's salads,
Aperol Spritz

PLV Chaussée aux moines Juin 2019

Leclerc (France)

Carrefour, Madrid (Spain)

PLV Florette Juin 2019

Leclerc, Marsannay-la-Côte (France)

PLV Nivea Juin 2019

Carrefour, Begles (France)

Leclerc, Levallois-Perret (France)

🚵🏻‍♂️ Tour de France

For the Tour de France, Vittel, Tropicana and Amora have displayed animations on the bicycle theme.

PLV Vittel Juin 2019

Leclerc, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (France)

PLV Tropicana Juin 2019

Auchan, Bordeaux-Lac (France)

PLV Amora Juin 2019

Carrefour, Barentin (France)

⛵ Welcome on board!

Connétable, Lay’s and Captain Morgan have carved their places in shelves!

Intermarché, Flers (France)

Hipercor, Madrid (Spain)

Auchan, Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire (France)

⛱️ Shop-in-shop

Ricard, Pringles & Nestlé Waters are creating summery shop-in-shop.

With the heatwave, it’s time for a break!

PLV Ricard Juin 2019

Auchan, Saint-Genis-Laval (France)

Leclerc, Vendome (France)

PLV Nestlé Juin 2019

Intermarché, Cestas (France)

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