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Which displays were the most appreciated by shoppers in July 2019?

Clémence Thommen

Clémence Thommen

Head of Marketing & Communication
8 August 2019

Let’s look at the most impressive displays seen-in-store in july 2019.

⛱️ Holidays: umbrella, deckchair and music!

The brand Vittel, the group Orangina Suntory (with brands Pulco and May Tea), Tropicana and Coca-Cola have created summer displays. Let's do a break in-store!

Leclerc, Lisieux (France)

Auchan, Buchelay (France)

Auchan, Avignon (France)

Superstore, Salerno (Italy)

🏄‍♀️ Surf Session

Imagine yourself on the beach with PepsiCo (Lipton and Lay’s) and the brands Nesquik and Sunny Delight.

Coconut, surf, beach: enjoy the summer! ☀️

Leclerc, Beynost (France)

Alcampo, Madrid (Spain)

Alcampo, Madrid (Spain)

🥶 Blue fridges

Thanks to the ground marking, we can't miss the display from Innocent showing its innovation: Innocent Plus.

Danone in Spain, for the 100th anniversary, show it's refreshing products.

Blue better highlights the products! 💙

Leclerc, Beynost (France)

Carrefour, Madrid (Spain)

🍻🥤 Shop-in-shop dedicated to drinks

Heineken, 1664 and Martini created true dedicated corners showing their products.

Leclerc, Barjouville (France)

Leclerc, Saint-Doulchard (France) 

Alcampo, Madrid (Spain)

🌎 Each country has a symbol!

🇫🇷 In France: cleaning products from the brand Briochin in a truck and Cochonou with the iconic 2CV.

Leclerc, Agneau (France)

Leclerc, Bois-D’arcy (France)

🇮🇹 In Italy: the brand Caffé Vergnano show its products thanks to a tuk-tuk.

Carrefour, Grugliasco (Italy)

🇺🇸 USA: the juice brand Little Hug has chosen a scolar bus.

Walmart, Dallas (USA)

🇪🇸 In Spain: the beer brand Estrella Damm with a bike.

Carrefour, Barcelona (Spain)

🍫 Chocolate break

Nutella and M&M’s take the space!

Carrefour, Perpignan (France)

Marktkauf, Frechen (Germany)

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