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Which displays were the most appreciated by shoppers in September 2019?

Erika Silvestrini
Erika Silvestrini

Content maker
7th october 2019

Let’s look at the most impressive displays seen-in-store in September 2019.

✈️ It’s still time to go for holidays

You’ve just came back from holidays but you already want to leave again? It’s possible thanks to Beefeater Gin, Lavazza, Yaos (Nestlé) and brands from Traditional World Foods displays.

Congrats to Yaos and its impressive display offering us a direct flight to Greece!

PLV Beefeater Gin

Carrefour, Madrid (Spain)

PLV Lavazza

Hit, Leipzig (Germany)

Carrefour, Venette (France)

Auchan, Dardilly (France)

🎃 Trick or treat?

M&M’s, Pepsi and the American retailer Total Wine Store are standing ready for Halloween: they already exposed their finest disguises!


Walmart, Killeen (USA)

PLV Pepsi

Albertsons, Boise (USA)

Total Wine, Orlando (USA)

☁️ In the air

Identified flying objects have been spotted in-store.

Don’t forget to look up to observe these outstanding displays from Kronenbourg & the retailer Kroger with the brand Purified Drinking Water.

PLV Kronenbourg

Auchan, Longuenesse (France)

PLV Kroger

Kroger, Carrolton (USA)

🗺️ On the road!

Pick up your favorite transportation mode and board on these surprising displays from Kriter, Ciro, Pampers & Mon Chéri (Ferrero).

Stand clear for departure!

Auchan, Arras (France)

PLV Ciro

Auchan, Saint-Priest (France)

PLV Pampers

Carrefour, Genipa Ducos (Martinique)

PLV Mon chéri

Rewe Center, Egelsbach (Germany) 

📏 XXL displays

It’s difficult to miss these XXL displays from Nutella and CÉMOI.

They have carved their places in-store!

PLV Nutella

Monoprix, Paris (France)


Leclerc, Basse-Goulaine (France)

😎 Stay in shape!

A good way to attract shoppers with a display representing the product shape.

Bic, Pastoret, Coca-Cola and Duracell have fully understood this!


Cultura, Brive (France)

PLV Pastoret Septembre 2019

Hipercor, Madrid (Spain)

PLV Coca-Cola

Albertsons, Boise (USA)

Carrefour, Laval (France)

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