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Which displays were the most appreciated by shoppers in october 2019?

Clémence Thommen

Clémence Thommen

Head of Marketing & Communication
29 october 2019

Let’s look at the most impressive displays seen-in-store in october 2019.

🎃👻 Halloween

The brands Haribo, Lutti, Carambar, Babybel, Fanta and Kinder created visible FSDU for this special event.

Cora, Sarreguemines (France)

Carrefour, Saint-Mard (France)

Auchan, Le Havre (France)

Leclerc, Strasbourg (France)

Monoprix, Versailles (France)

Leclerc, Sens (France)

Leclerc, Rouffiac Tolosan (France)

Coop, Milazzo (Italy)

🇺🇸 USA

Coca-Cola, Reese's and the beer brand Samuel Adams also show their products for Halloween.

Kroger, Arlington (USA)

Publix, St Petersburg (USA)

Walmart, Bellevuene (USA)

Melrose Park (USA)


Brands : Michel & Augustin, Lindt, Pan Stelle, Milka and Nutella.

Leclerc, Strasbourg (France)

Auchan, Marsac-sur-l'île (France)

Ipercoop, Avellino (Italie)

Auchan, Nogent-sur-Oise (France)

Cora, Lempdes (France)

⏩ Shop-in-shop

Brands : Herta, Grimbergen, Méo, Havana Club and Innocent.

Carrefour, Nantes Beaulieu (France)

Auchan, Le Havre (France) 

Auchan, Béthune (France)

Auchan, Vélizy (France)

Intermarché, Louviers (France) 

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