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Which displays were the most appreciated by shoppers in november 2019?

Erika Silvestrini
Erika Silvestrini

Content Maker
2nd december 2019

Let’s look at the most impressive displays seen-in-store in november 2019.

🍫 Chocolates

Christmas chocolate season is officially open! You can find a large variety of chocolates with the brands Lindt, Celebrations, Ferrero, Révillon Chocolatier & Kinder.

PLV Lindt

Kaufland, Bremerhaven (Germany)

Auchan, Saint Priest (France)

PLV Celebrations

Auchan, Clermont Ferrand (France)

PLV Ferrero

Leclerc, Saint Pierre du Mont (France)

PLV Kinder

Leclerc, Trie-Château (France)

⏩ Shop-in-shop

You probably know it already: the shop-in-shop has a great impact on consumers in-store. Discover the nice creations of Kit Kat, Martini, Old El Paso, Perrier & Philips.

PLV Kit Kat

John Lewis, Manchester (UK)

Alcampo, Madrid (Spain)

Leclerc, Caen (France)

Leclerc, Etampes (France)

PLV Philips

Fnac, Lyon (France)


Discover the creations of Tassimo, Energizer, L’Or & Duracell.

PLV Tassimo

Intermarché, Alès (France)

PLV Energizer

Alcampo, Madrid (Spain)

Carrefour, Nantes la Beaujoire (France)

PLV Duracell

Leclerc, Bellaing (France)

🍷 Alcohol

Need a little drink? Discover (or savour) the displays of the brands Jack Daniel’s, Mouton Cadet & the retailer Total Wine.

Auchan, Marsac sur Lisle (France)

PLV Mouton Cadet

Auchan, Leers (France) 

PLV Total Wine

Total Wine, Aventura (US)

🏠 Home Sweet Home

Make yourself at home with these displays from Mc Cormick, Stella Artois & Coca-Cola.

PLV Mc Cormick

Acme Supermarket Richboro (US)

PLV Coca Cola

Safeway, Tacoma (US)

Total Wine, Wellington (US)

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