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Which displays were the most appreciated by shoppers in january 2020?

Erika Silvestrini
Erika Silvestrini

Content Maker
February 5, 2020

Let’s look at the most impressive displays seen-in-store in january 2020.

🥞 Crêpes Party

Did you know? By their round and golden aspect, crepes symbolize the return of the sun and invite spring to return.

Let's find in store the flagship brands of this celebration: Nutella, Bonne Maman and Tefal.

PLV Nutella

Auchan, Perpignan (France)

Auchan, Toulouse (France)

PLV Tefal

Leclerc, Cogolin (France)

✅ Help yourself

Placing products inside a POS display is a good technique for attracting consumers' attention. Discover the work of Bioderma, Garnier and M&M's.

PLV Bioderma

Lafayette Pharmacy, Béziers (France)

Auchan, Tremblay-en-France (France)


Cora, Livry-Gargan (France)

🐲 Chinese New Year

On January 25, the Chinese New Year were celebrating the year of the Metal Rat. For the occasion, the brands Suzi Wan, Mont Asie, Totfoods, and Nissin Foods displayed their most beautiful colours in store!

PLV Suzi Wan

Leclerc, Guérande (France)

PLV Mont Asie

Leclerc, Marly (France)

PLV Totfoods

Géant Casino, Quimper (France)

PLV Nissin

Cora, Saint-Maximin (France)

PLV Les saveurs d'Asie

Carrefour, Gennevilliers (France)

🌸 Four seasons

Let's take a look at the four seasons with these POS displays from Wrigley's Extra, Président, Frieslandcampina and Nivea.

Real, Bremerhaven (Germany)

PLV Nivea

Leclerc, Saint-Berthevin (France) 

Jumbo, Tilburg (Netherlands) 

PLV Carrefour

Carrefour, Le Mans (France)

PLV Président

Auchan, Dardilly (France)

⏩ Shop in Shop

What could be better than a shop-in-shop to make a POS display emerge and boost its visibility? Discover the work of de Nivea, Rana and Nintendo!

Hipercor, Madrid (Spain)

PLV Rana

Hipercor, Madrid (Spain)

PLV Nintendo

Leclerc, Montauban (France)

👌 Tidy

Nothing is better than tidy products! Discover the POS displays of the Apéricube, Danone, Dolce Gusto and RedBull!

PLV Apéricube

Auchan, Puteaux (France)

PLV Danone

Alcampo, Madrid (Spain)

PLV Dolce Gusto

Leclerc, Bois d'Arcy (France)

Real, Halle (Germany)

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