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Innovations have arrived on shelves!

Céline Laurent
Céline Laurent

Marketing Consultant
July 19, 2022

Summer has arrived with its share of new products in hypermarkets. As every year, we have followed 5 innovations and the observation remains the same: beyond the presence, the quality of execution on the shelf is essential for a successful launch. Many products still do not emerge because of a low number of facings or a location outside the hot zone!

Discover our key indicators on the 5 innovations surveyed this year:

Thanks to its wide range, Barilla Al Bronzo was the most outstanding innovation, with an average of almost 10 facings and at least one facing in the hot zone in 88% of cases. The range is present in 1/4 of the shops, just like Heineken Silver.
Another advantage for Barilla Al Bronzo, Heineken Silver and V Energy, colours that stand out from the usual codes and helps stand out on the shelf!

For an innovation, it is not always easy to duplicate facings and create a block with a single reference or format. Kinder Duo has only one facing in 31% of cases and is not located in a hot zone in a quarter of cases.

The new biscuit however benefits from Ferrero's strike force with some nice displays, but only in a few shops, including kakemonos, front panels, floor stickers or even spotlights! V Energy and Heineken Silver were more often accompanied by POS displays, mainly kakemonos for the former and displays and shelf-stoppers for the latter.

Another lesson from our study is that some retailers promote innovations more than others!

Carrefour is the retailer that best promotes innovations in all of its shops, with an average of 97% for the five innovations surveyed.

In terms of quality of execution, Cora is the best performer, with innovations benefiting from more facings than in the other retailers, located in hot zones in 86% of cases and accompanied by POS advertising in 60% of cases!

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