Where are implanted the different organic products in-store?

Céline Laurent
Céline Laurent

Marketing Consultant
6th November 2019

From several years, the double-digit growth of the organic market represents an attractive choice. The interest of every retailer is growing and the number of organic product’s innovations is expanding quickly. Where and how are implanted organic products in hypermarkets? Organic shelf, conventional shelf, or both?

We investigated three product categories: cereals, fresh products and fruit juices in 200 hypermarkets and supermarkets (8 retailers studied: Auchan, Carrefour, Cora, Géant Casino, Intermarché, Leclerc, Lidl and Super U).


99% of stores have an organic shelf! In 2017, it was 88%: the organic shelf became a must-have to satisfy consumers, even Lidl is going organic.

The organic shelf has been considerably developing and is no longer limited to grocery products. From now on, 56% of POS offer yogurt and fresh products in the organic shelf while it was only 36% in 2017!


It’s difficult to imagine a conventional shelf without any organic offer. Indeed, in average, we can find organic products in 87% of conventional sections (91% for cereals, 89% for ambient juices and 82% for fresh products).

Graph organic prodcuts in-store 1
Graph organic prodcuts in-store 2


As expected, we find more often the organic ranges of big brands in conventional shelfs whereas we can find organic specialised brands in the organic shelf.

Nevertheless, big brands are also able to find a spot on the organic section’s shelfs and play the double implantation. For example, we have found Pressade organic juice, Nestlé organic cereals or even Danone organic yogurt in double implantation in several stores.

Graph organic products in store 3

For private labels, the implantation is more variable. Differences can be explained by the retailers’ choice more than disparity between the categories we studied. We will talk more about it in the next article which will decode the different strategies of retailers regarding the organic market!

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