How do retailers promote local products?

For several years now, local products have been on the rise. The crisis has accelerated this trend and French consumers are increasingly demanding. It has thus become a real challenge for retailers who have developed their local offer thanks to partnerships with French farmers and who have massively communicated on these initiatives to work on their brand image.

Produits frais Intermarché

Given this interest, we wanted to check whether the local offer is clearly visible to shoppers on the shelves and how it is promoted by the different retailers.

A local offer that can still have a better visibility

For this study, we focused on the fruit and vegetable section in 200 hypermarkets (Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarché, Leclerc and U). Although this is one of the most suitable sections for promoting local products, the figures are rather surprising:

- 48% of shoppers consider that there aren't many local products

- 53% of shoppers consider that the offer of local products is not very visible

Among the 5 brands studied, Auchan and Carrefour are slightly better rated than the independents but without really standing out. The visibility of local products therefore remains a key issue for all the retailers to work on.

A quite varied communication

In the stores, we found 3 types of POS displays to highlight the premises:

- Firstly, national POS displays that are developed at the national level and deployed identically in all POS displays.

- Secondly, retailer’s POS displays that use the brand's graphic charter and are adapted locally.

- Finally, local POS displays that are specific to each store and developed according to partnerships.

With the "Act for Food" campaign, Carrefour is the brand with the most national POS displays, uniform in all its stores. But the company has also developed two additional logos to better identify regional offers.

Logo Produits locaux

Intermarché has also adapted a double communication: a national one to highlight its partnership policy and a more local one with the "Local Products" logo.

Communication Intermarché

Each retailer has its own graphic charter!

In summary, here are the main elements of communication used by retailers to promote local products:

Communication enseignes

Would you like to better understand how the offer of local products in your category is structured?

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