What impact did the heatwave had on fresh drinks IN SUMMER 2019 IN FRANCE?

Céline Laurent

Céline Laurent

Marketing Consultant
3rd July 2019

It’s been warm last week! Did French consumers rushed out to buy fresh drinks? Did the snacking zone has been emptied in convenience stores?

In order to measure it, we have conducted a survey on the disponibility of 5 emblematic drink’s references in the snacking zone of 200 convenience stores in France’s Ile-de-France region. We are considering that the product is out of stock if the shelf label is in the store whereas the product is not. We are considering that the product is almost out of stock if the number of remaining bottles is between 1 and 5.

The result is clear: the heatwave actually has an impact on fresh drink’s supply as we have noticed a 13% out of stock rate (against 6% in average) but also a 23% almost out of stock rate! Furthermore we have noticed that the out of stock rate increased every hour to reach a 16% rate at the end of the day. Out of stock also increased day by day from a 7% rate on Monday 24th of June to a 17% rate on Saturday 29th of June.

In terms of products, Lipton Ice Tea Peach and Evian in a 50cl format were the 2 most impacted references with almost 40% out of stock or almost out of stock.

But beyond the out of stock phenomena linked to the heatwave, this study allowed us to measure the numeric distribution of the snacking zone in convenience stores. To boost sales in this sector, it seems essential to us for a product to be available in a refrigerated space. Nevertheless, the 5 references were missing in average in 32% of stores!

What about you? Are your products available in the snacking zone?

We can help you on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us!

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