CORONAVIRUS : out-of-stock

Céline Laurent
Céline Laurent

Marketing Consultant
March 11, 2020

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, many articles show empty shelves in supermarkets, in particular, on basic products such as pasta. Faced with the growing concern in France, precautionary purchases are more and more frequent and this has had a direct impact on supermarket stocks.

We wanted to measure the extent of the phenomenon by raising the level of stock shortage in three departments: pasta, canned vegetables and tissues. We have been to more than 100 hypermarkets throughout France.

Out of stock in the pasta department

For the pasta department, the observation is clear: the coronavirus has had a strong impact on stocks since 3/4 of the hypermarkets have undergone stock shortages in this department, with major shortages in almost 4 out of 10 stores!

Out of stock in non-perishable items & tissues

The canned vegetable and tissue departments are less affected by the coronavirus crisis with "only" 30% of hypermarkets that have unusual stock outs.

Out of stock in the soap department

Other departments affected by stock shortages due to the coronavirus: hand sanitizersand other soaps/hydroalcoholic gels. For gels, stores are often out of stock and have taken the lead in stating the unavailability of products. Some brands even offer alternative solutions to customers by proposing a DIY "recipe" for making sanitizer at home.

Ruptures Gel hydroalcooliques

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