3 Mobeye tips for a good retail execution

A good execution is essential to boost your performance. According to Nielsen, 67% of buying decisions are made in-store! Here is a small recap of some basic but essential rules to make the difference to shoppers and enhance their shopping experience.

1. Avoid out-of-stock (OOS)!

A FMCG product has an average OOS rate of 6% in the stores. In addition to the significant loss of turnover generated for manufacturers and retailers, OOS have a negative impact on the image of stores.

We analysed different characteristics of a sweet grocery section (size, offer, sequential, marking, OOS) in more than 180 hypermarkets and compared shoppers' perceptions of the attractiveness and readability of the section.

As expected, a well-filled shelf is more attractive!

The OOS level is the factor that has the biggest impact on the attractiveness of the section to shoppers, more than the size of the offer or the presence of markers.

2. Make the offer easier to understand

Marking also has a role to play in making shelves more attractive and above all more readable. Faced with an entire aisle dedicated to the same category, the shopper may be a little lost: you have to help him find what he is looking for!

This time, we analysed the Spirits department in 800 points of sale. Nearly 2/3 of the supermarkets and 40% of the hypermarkets have no markers in this section. Logically, these shops were ranked lower by the shoppers in terms of attractiveness and organisation.

Don’t hesitate to work on merchandising initiatives with the retailers to develop your categories!

3. Highlight your products

Last point: POS displays. They are expensive to produce and difficult to keep on the shelves over time, but POS displays are effective in boosting product visibility.

In our last study on innovations, we found that POS displays were less present this year (13% of cases).

Nevertheless, these signage, pediments or shelf talkers are useful in helping shoppers find products more easily: innovations with POS displays were easily found by 80% of shoppers, with an average score of 4.3/5 vs. 3.8/5 without POS displays.

Mobeye can help you with these 3 key elements:

- OOS: by drawing up a complete diagnosis of your references and providing you with operational recommendations to limit OOS (optimal number of facing, stacking, etc.).

- Marking: by carrying out an audit of the marking present in the shop in your categories, by questioning shoppers on their perception of the department and their expectations, etc...

- POS displays: by checking the presence of your POS displays in the shop and allowing you to take corrective actions quickly with your sales force.

Boost yout retail execution with Mobeye !

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